At the company i was working for a friend of mine joined as customer support. She had a few issues in the first 2 months due to family problems and was forced to take 5 days (non consecutive) but approved days off. So at the probation review her probation period was extended by 3 months. She basically had everything sorted by that time and no more time off. However she has complained on a number of occasions about the md basically bullying her. He shouts at her and generally makes life hard for her to a point where she requested a meeting and before she could get any points across he had produced a letter stating that her probation period was not being extended, she would be paid to the end of the month She must leave there and then hand back car keys and phone even oyster card! and leave the premises and not to contact any clients. SO she left the building with as much as she could carry and had to walk to the tube. The next day she went back to get the rest of her belongings/ The MD meanwhile had realised he had made an error as my friend had a client meeting set for the following week and there was no one to cover it. So th MD had the nerve to ask her to do that meeting! When she explained that he had terminated her contract and showed him the letter he said well if you are refusing then you wont get paid.. take us to court!! This is the kind of story you just cant make up. Despite all the bullying does she have any legal case against this guy or is he free to do it all again. She was the first black person to work there, not that there is any implication of racicsm directly.
martin parry

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