Hi there

I recently lodged a complaint about one of the people I line manage at work. He is now on a final written warning, the substance of the complaint having largely been upheld.

He is now back at work after a period of suspension.

I feel as if I have been a little poorly served. Stuff which I said and emailed was given to him without my having been warned, beforehand, that this would happen. He refuses to accept that he has done anything wrong and is now back in the adjacent classroom to mine.

He stated to a collegue on Friday that he wanted to fight me and was going to complain about some of the things I did in his absence. My bosses are aware of what I've done and so I'm not worried there.

A part of his defence against the complaint was that I have been a bully. He has made such allegations before and when invited to make a formal complaint of this nature he has declined. Nobody thinks I'm a bully. They're aware that he is a passive aggressive type who seeks to blame others rather than investigate his own actions.

To protect myself against such allegations I have asked to be removed from his line management. I'm stepping down from the post at Christmas in any case. This was agreed.

Anyway, that's by the by. Today he had his first day back at work, launched the aforementioned complaint (squashed at birth) and then he asked me to stop walking through his room to the shared printer. When asked why he said it made him feel "uncomfortable," I told him to deal with it and informed my line managers of the incident. I could walk around but it's three times as far a journey. I'm not prepared to be dictated to. I made a complaint in good faith. 90% of it was upheld. It's for him, in my view, to adjust behaviours and I'm entitled to carry on as previously, since I'm not at fault.

Anyway, my employers are quite inept at HR but are reasonably supportive of me on this issue. My question is: if he continues to make vexatious complaints, fuelled only by a thirst for revenge, what can be done? What can I reasonably expect my employers to do? 

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Best wishes


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