An employee was due to receive a disciplinary for performance – employee was already on final written warning. The employee then decided to get signed off sick – we continued with disciplinary hearing as the employee did not call in absent and turned up for the disciplinary hearing but advised signed off for one month – we believed this was to avoid dismissal so continued with the hearing. The hearing concluded dismissal on performance grounds – employee asked if they could resign to enable them to obtain employment and this was agreed. The employee has now written to ask for copies of all counsellings/written warnings and meeting notes. As the employee resigned and we confirmed resignation in writing do we have to provide copies – if so can I agree to only provide the current warnings ie the last one which is the final written warning – any idea why the employee might want these – I understand from a colleague that the employee thinks that the warning was not current but this warning does not expire until November 2007. Help would be much appreciated on this.

Jasmine Bedford

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