We are currently experiencing ad hoc racist graffiti being displayed in the mens toilet cubicles.

We have put up notices relating to our policy on defacing of company property and highlighted the situation in the monthly meetings, however to no avail. The last resort we can think of is to interview all male staff which is unlikely to produce any results.

One issue I believe this has stemed from is the fact we have international temporary workers on board and I believe there is ill feeling within our permanent workers and I have highlighted this to management of the need to address it however as usual nothing is done. (I am only an administrator and therefore have no influential power, furthermore my manager has never worked in HR before and only has 6 months experience in the job and has a tendency to only do the bits he likes.)

We have no idea when this is happening as we operate 24 hours. Obviously we cannot put cameras in there to identify the culprits therefore I would appreciate any ideas on how to tackle the situation.

Many thanks

Lyndsey Statham