I recently, 2 months ago, was lucky enough to get a payrise from my Company. Although the payrise was OK, it is still not a good representation of the work I do.

I was willing to accept the raise as, I did enjoy the job. A month later everything changed. More job roles, on average 50% more work and my manager has completely changed her opinion.

Our department has changed from a cost centre to a profit centre, since Christmas and I have randomly been given the task of setting up a website showing the capabilities of the Company. As well as this more and more daily tasks are being added, all of which are irrelevant to my line of work and are on a complete tangent to my contract.

Would it be OK do either of the following.

1) Refuse to do jobs that are not contract specific.

2) Ask for a second payrise, justified by the additional work.

They maybe other things I could do, please let me know.

Richard Speidel

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