On the 24th November 2008 we were colectivly told of the company plans to transferth Producion, finance, purchaing, stores, quality and Admin funtions from our current location to that of our iste company in Wales, customer service, service and engineering would remain.

We were advised that the consltaion process woud start on the 1st of December 2008 and last for 30 days s there were between 20 and 99 employees at risk. The went on to state that the process would actually last until the 9th of Jan 2009 as the company wanted to exclude the company shutdwn time from the length of consultation.

The company asked or representatives to comeforward and represent the shop floor and indirects at the consultations. Three people put themselves forward but had not had experience of the redundancy process.

At the first consultation meeting we were introduced to an external HR person, who at the second meeting explained he was there as the company had no HR, he was there to help both parties, we were told that we could not bring anyone external to support us.

The first consultation ( group) took place on 1 Dec 08, in it the company stated that the reason for the move was financial, employment costs were less in Wales by 30%. The move would allow them to consolodate manufacturing and associated OH. We asked about 45 questions, many of which they could not answer, but did by the second meeting.

No company structure has been developed so we can apply for positions.
No individual consultations have started as they have said we are not at risk untl the end of the group consultation. Individual consultations will start on the 12 Jan 09.

We have not recieved a letter yet.

Are the company following the process required?
Is this a Tupe?
What rights do we have?
Are we able to bring in external supprt?

We have asked fr figures that justify the move so that we can formulate a counter proposal, the reply being we do not have to submit any! Do they?

chris perry

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