Our company is run from a site in the north and can be split into two clear product lines. For operational reasons the owners have decided to split the company into two.
The company has decided that our site in the south will take one product line and continue to be known as the current company with all its attendant registrations and that it will have its own administration departments and functions and that a new company will be formed in the north.
A notice has been issued by the board to that effect pointing out that this is obviously going to lead to redundancys on the northern site and indicating the main areas thay anticipate them being, one of which is my department. However in December a consultant was appointed to do a feasibility study on the company, he has already, to the best of my knowledge verbally been offered my role on the southern site. As I have not yet been asked to take a position within the new company in the north am I redundant or can it be construed as constructive dismissal? And should I be consulting an employment lawyer just in case I don’t get offered my role in the new company?
Helen Dale

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