hi, posed a question on here couple days ago about an employee who was dismissed during extended probationary period and depending on dates has possible had years service, saga goes on! she sent us a grievance letter and said in writing she wants a response from us within 7 days with a time,date,place of meeting to discuss this.
we hand delivered to her a letter saying she was being reinstated and to report for work on monday and to attend a meeting for monday as well, we sent her all the evidence we had compliled to refute every single one of her grievance complaints and to allow her to present her case, she verbally accepted her job back but said she could not make the meeting on monday so wanted it for week on weds, we then received another phone call from her to say that she would not be attending any meetings whatsoever and would be bringing in a letter for us. our chairperson seems to think this will be a solicitors letter alledging unfair dismissal, does anyone know where we stand on this, as she originally asked for the meeting and accepted her job back? whether this makes any difference or not but we have found out in the last few days that she lied on her original application form regarding her qualifications attained after leaving school, on not just one course but all three stated on there. she said she passed all of them but we have spoken to the college who said she has not actually passed any of them, she was employed because she had the qualifications we wanted our new member of staff to have.
anyway! sorry to ramble on, but are we likely to get our backsides kicked here?
lorraine kemp

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