I have a member of staff who in the past 24 months has had a heart operation, hip and knee operation, infection in his lungs, possible DVT in his lungs.
His role is of a cleaner, so can be particularly physical.
I have had to insist on return to work notes from his doctor as he doesn’t like not working. When he is at work he is not particularly effective, and whilst I am not a medical expert, I would suspect that this is because of his health (he has trouble walking and bending over). He likes work as for most of the day he spends chatting to people around here – its very much part of his social life; which in itself is a performance problem that I’m trying to get his manager to tackle.

I have offered OHP support as I feel that we must make some adjustments to his role, and also consider whether he is fit enough to do it, and any suitable alternatives. However he has refused, saying that it is a way to ‘get rid of him’ and alleging age discrimination (though not in writing at this stage).

What can I do without medical support? I am nervous that I have someone on site, who may be pressing his doctor to sign him fit to work, who I believe may not be fit enough to work.

Any advice would be appreciated – its not often I have someone trying so hard to continue to work!

Helen U

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