A friend of mine finds it hard to respect Jehovah’s witnesses. Her brother would have died had he not had an enormous blood transfusion. Consequently his children (her nieces) wouldn’t have been born. She find it hard to respect a religion that condemns two innocent children to not have a life.

Another JW condemns her children to a life without her as a Mother http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/shropshire/7078455.stm

Currently in the news there is a case of 15 days imprisonment for naming a teddy bear. The Biritsh Council of Muslims disagrees with the actions and interpretations of the Sudanese court and its Sharia law.

Many religious have difficulty respecting women and or homosexuals.

Throughout history many wars have been started and perpetuated by the divisions arising from religion.

Given the interpretive nature of religion regarding the respect it affords others, and the interpretive nature of laws arising from religion isn’t it about time we acknowledged that religion doesn’t promote equality, respect tolerance for others? Is religious diversity sustainable? How can you respect someone who’s fundamental believe supports undermines the existence of your own family (my friend’s nieces)? Doesn’t religion its self by ‘framing reality’ and providing its own truth divide those who think differently rather than unite all?
Juliet LeFevre

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