Hello there all

I just wanted your wise opinions on this matter.
We have currently a large disciplinary matter related to the alleged falsification of company records, however we were all set for the hearing yesterday afternoon when instead a resignation letter arrived. This was after the employee had seen the investigation notes and supporting evidence.

No I want to ensure that the employee will not attempt to claim constructive dismissal out of this. Attached to the resignation letter was a note explaining circumstances and offering an explanation, however it still does not fully explanatory, and the resulting opinion of the complaining manager is that despite the letter which offers some vague explanation and attempts to way lay blame to others in the employ, it does not explain that the employee remained clocked in when leaving site for considerable amounts of time.

How would you guys progress this matter now? Could the letter be construed as the raising of a grievance? it certainly doesn’t read like a complaint to me, just a minor explanation of some facts.

Any opinions more then welcome!

stressed hrm