During a staff appraisal a member of staff resigned (verbal)a week later she withdrew her resignation and continued to work with us to complete her workload for this year. She has now submitted her workload (qualifications) and it is noted that she has not completed the work in line with organisational and awarding body criteria, in addition related paperwork is incompplete and/or inconsistent. Can I now meet with her and accept her original resignation in light of recent events or do I have to go down the full disciplinary route i.e written warnings etc. All staff have been issued with new contracts for this year starting 1st June – but I havent given hers to her as she has refused to attend meetings etc and only works for 8 -10 hours per week.
If anybody can advise I would be very grateful as I have now requested a meeting on Friday @9am.

Many Thanks
denise waywell