I require some advice regarding my current situation.I am a recption supervisor who has complained to my line manager about various issues that affect the way i do my job which have simply been ignored.
The main problem is that my line manager is trying to undermine the way i work by allocating tasks to one of my team that just happens to be her future in law ??.
This is only one of the issues the rest is to long to go into but nobody else at higher level wants to get involved and we have no HR manager.
I have been to my GP because i am a mess and feel i can no longer cope and he has now signed me off with work related stress.
I want to do my job but feel as if i cannot go back to the same problem that gets worse day after day.
Do i have a case for a tribunal or should i just get out and get another job.
Your Replies would be most welcolme
Thanks Keith
Ann Jimmison