The issue I have is that from 2 employees who worked in the same department some 3 years ago. 1 of them was promoted onto the management team, taken on lots of new responsibilities and added day to day pressures. The other continues to work a 4 day week on flexitime and literally does their job and goes home. The problem I have is that the flexitime worker is also the person who pays the wages and salaries and cannot stop commenting and comparing their own salary to the salary of the Manager. There seems to be underlying issues of resentment that they think gives them to right to continue to compare themselves to this Manager. The Manager in question has continued to develop within the company taking on extra duties and is currently completing a second qualification which will add to their relevant expertise whilst the flexitime worker has stated that they do not want more responsibility and are happy to do their job and go home.

I am continually hearing from our MD that this person at times of christmas bonus payments and annual pay rises has marched into his office sometimes in tears stamping their feet at the salary and bonus differences between them and the manager in question.

I find it hard to believe that he has not yet addressed this satisfactorily and am looking for a way to deal with this issue once and for all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as now the manager (who also gets to hear about the ongoing saga) has expressed a wish to pursue as some form of harrassment.
Louise Midghall

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