One week after I resigned I badly injured my ankle (tore a ligament off the bone). The damage coincided with Easter break and a couple of days holidays I had already arranged.

6 days after the accident I returned to work as scheduled. However after hobbling in and limping round the company (3rd floor) offices for a couple of days I felt I had to stay at home and rest again.

I was booked off for that morning anyway and when I called in to say i wasn’t coming in they seemed annoyed so i offered to take it as unpaid leave (?) they accepted.

When I got back to the office they informed me by email that I was not able to get sick pay during my notice period. I was unaware of this and it is not explicitly mentioned in the employee handbook – although the handbook does say the company pays sick pay on a discretionary basis.

I feel unsure if this all legal and there is no personnel contact here in the company who can advise me.

(I am also worried I am further damaging the still painful injury because i cannot afford not to work.)

Can anyone advise me if they are acting within their rights?
Adam Narbutt

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