I’d like more of an idea where I stand.

I have been quite ill progressively over the past few months having seizures and fits etc. for which I was signed off for several days and am now again on phased return to work.

I have been referred to a neurologist and have had an MRI and EMG for which I am awaiting result to find out what is causing the seizures. I have an arachnoid cyst on my brain which has gotten larger since my last scan and this though slim could be the cause. I am intermittently I’ll and taking medication which does not work sometimes so some days I am fine and others I have awful days.

In between being ill and working what o can I am trying to lead a normal life and set up my own business which I would like to do eventually health permitting and have set up a page of Facebook to organise this however I am not taking part in doing any of this until I find out what is wrong. This is the only thing keeping me positive as I am severely depressed because of my illness.

A work colleague has become disgruntled and informed my boss of my out of work ‘activities’ and I have been asked about something that was posted which happened a month ago yet has only been posted on Facebook and now I feel discriminated and that I will possibly even be investigated however this does not worry me as I am under duty of care at work and I have every letter and am requesting a SARS from my doctors with my full medical history.

I continue to arrive at work and work efficiently and keep to myself and my boss has stated that my work is not failing whatsoever.

I want to know where I stand with everything regarding my colleagues trying to snoop and catch me out when I am clearly not well but have been told by both work and my GP to do things that keep my mind off things and makes me more positive.

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