Hi everyone

I would like to hear your views about this ongoing Facebook saga. Everywhere you look these days, someone is talking about whether employees should be banned from accessing social networking sites at work, and how it can affect productivity and could be a potential IT security threat.

So what do you think about it all? Do you think that it is absolutely right to ban it during office hours, and agree that hours and hours of worktime are lost as a result of it; or do you think it is all simply ridiculous and employers can’t stop their staff from having a life outside work?

Has your company already banned the use of social networking sites at work?? If so, what has been the reaction?

What business and social networking sites do you use? Are they useful in gaining contacts in the business world? Do you access them at work or at home, or both??

Please post your comments below and I will compile them into an editorial piece to go live on the site soon!


Lucie Benson

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