I have recently been made redundant and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on the following?

I was until recently working for a family business (LLP) with myself as the only other member of staff and as such there is no dedicated HR person.

1) I was made redundant last week and was paid up until the end of April (essentially two weeks notice), however my contract states that I am entitled to a months notice.

Should I therefore reasonably expect one months salary as notice in Lieu (or to carry on working for a month) rather than only 2 weeks if parts of the company are still trading?

Would I be entitled to claim for any holidays I have taken (i.e. I have only taken one day so far this year)?

2) I have worked for the company for 2.5 years and have been over 22 for all of that period.

Am I also due Statutory Redundancy Pay in addition to this notice in lieu, or will I only entitled to receive one or the other?

3) If I am due further payment, what is the best way to approach this?

I’m not sure if they could afford to pay a further 4 weeks wages (if I am due that much), so should I attempt to compromise with them?

Apologies for the rambling nature, but any help is gratefully received!

Iain Shaw

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