A management colleague has had a discussion with a difficult member of staff today regarding their attitude.  Out of the conversation came a number of issues which are making them unhappy at work including a personality clash with one line manager, their feeling their own manager (the one they were talking to) doesn't manage them/their department very well and lack of faith in HR.

Disappointingly, the manager did not ask any questions or push for anymore information on the subject of HR.  I would now like to pursue the matter to better understand what the perceived problems/issues are.  What would be the best way to do this?

I have asked the manager to go back to the member of staff and ask them if they are willing – off the record – to discuss their issues with HR in more depth.  I have explained this is in the interests of putting things right if I can and restoring faith and will not be asking them to name any names (they said they are not the only ones who feel this way) or comment on anything else that was discussed in the intial meeting with their manager.  The member of staff has agreed but asked to do it sometime next week which is fine.

I am wondering though, what people's thoughts are.  If I am lead to believe that other people have lost faith in HR, how can I find this out without asking them to name other people I should talk to.  I wondered whether I should be asking for annonymous feedback in some way or thinking about asking Team Leaders (via their manager in their Team Leader meetings) to try to get some feedback from their staff so it is semi-annonymous.

Any ideas?