I work for a large multi-national soft drinks company, in the tele-marketing department.

We perform large campaigns on behalf of this company, and some of our customers.
For the last year we have been having some very serious issues with the computers we use here, as they are just not powerful enough for the work we do.

We have been told on many occasions that this is being investigated, and something will be done, but it has been over a year now, and no progress has been made.

Our workload is increasing (management are trying to boost the size & profile of the team) but the hardware we are using has not been upgraded.
This has caused loss of work on quite a large scale, but as the managers are not technical, they do not understand the amount of work that goes into one of our projects.

Now the PCs break on a daily basis, causing approx 25 – 30% downtime during the day (and much frustration)

The managers here require us to keep contacting the IT support team here, who claim that the PCs we use are absolutely fine, as the rest of the office do not have any problems with them. What they do not seem to realise is that the programs we are running, and the complicated calculations we require use more processing power than the normal user will require.

In short, is there anything that we could get donw about this. It is effecting our targets, and as such, our bonus & payrises.

Any help / information you could provide would be gratefully received!

Kind regards,

Ben Harding