Good morning, I am hoping your are able to help me I am currently suspended from work over a dispute weather or not an email had been sent. This was on Tuesday 6th September and since October I have gone on the sick due to my depression that was triggered by this situation. I was after some advise on the points below please if you can help?

* Can I request a pay out of my 12 days annual leave remain for this year as they run from January – December ?

* I have received a request for my medical file but other than that I have received no support from work to see how I am doing etc, should I have?

* Am I able to decline my medical file request or just allow them to see anything related to my depression only as there is a lot of personal information I do not want anyone other than my doctor to see?

* I am only receiving SSP, Is this correct?

Many thanks in advance.

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