Fellow folks,

I am in the process of researching a tongue-in-cheek look at management/leadership/organisational mishaps and misadventures. The tales that I am interested in is the things that people/organisations do that are practically the opposite of so-called “best practice”.

For example, the organisation that decided to have more fun at work: “We will have fun on a Friday!” declared the Chairman in the company newsletter. “What about the rest of the week?”, asked one employee the following month. “You have a job to do…”, was the reply.

Or the Director who has a dual personality, Hong-King Phooey style. At work he is the Boss From Hell. (To date over 15 tribunal claims for unfair dismissal). At home, he works for local charities, has raised nearly ?250,000…

Names and organisations will be protected, but if you have anything to share about people and companies that’s made your jaw-drop or bang your head against the flip-chart, please share!

Contributors will receive a free copy of the Tall Tales.

Email us at [email protected] (or directly to me).

Kind regards,

Liam Dolan

Liam Dolan