We have a number of temps working on our shop floor and have advertised for permanent positions, which they have all applied for. One of them is from Brazil which our Operations Director has come to me and said that when the Supervisor and myself interview him, make sure he can read and understand English as she doesn’t really want to take him on if his English is limited. As part of the role they do need to be able to read build cards etc but surely if he didn’t get the job yet has clearly be doing it for the last couple of months it would be classed as discriminating against him? She also advised me that maybe with him she could put him on temp to perm rather than straight perm like the others would go on so she has time to evaluate how he is doing. I have to interview several others, is there any sort of test I could give them all to ensure they are all treated fairly? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
Rachel May

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