Hi all, this enquiry may seem premature however I’m racking my brains to see how organisations which use Christmas temps manage the issue of training them, especially for the Christmas trading period as I guess the bulk of temps would be needed for retail work although I doubt this would be exclusive.  Granted the likes of Asda, Sainsburys, John Lewis, etc. probably offer training in house so that may be a non-starter however I wondered if employment agencies handling the recruitment aspect might supply training, or organisations may wish to use an external provider to save time.  But the issue is finding that point of contact who would be interested in sourcing a suitable training solution.  So I hoped to pick your brains for ideas, pointers, suggestions, etc. or some wrinkles from attempting something similar.   It’s possible anyone who has got involved with training volunteers may also have some useful advice.  Any other thoughts, ideas, brainwaves, points of contact would be really welcome.

Thanks!  🙂


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