Hi everyone,
We will shortly (22nd August is the transfer date)be transferring under TUPE. Our new owners have assured me in the past that they will make not changes to employees terms & conditions and will not be making any redundancies. We have yet to hold our first consultation meeting with the newly elected employee representatives. This is due to take place Tuesday 2nd August.
However business has taken a drastic turn for the worst and now they informed me yesterday that they will need to make employees redundant and re-organise what employees we have left. I am sure that this is not because of the transfer itself and they have good economical and organisational reasons. Business has really gone down hill.

My questions are:
Are the employees TUPE’d across, then made redundant?
Whose responsibility is it to consult with the employee representatives and discuss these redundancies, the old owners or the new owners?
Most of our employees are general operatives (job titles on contract) but split into different departments (not stated on contracts) If we are carrying out a redundancy exercise (scoring criteria), do we do it by department of are we okay to do it across the board?
As always any help and advice appreciated

marie smith