I have been accused of theft at work dated 4th december, informed on 21st dec by telephone by GM. Undercover loss adjuster has 1 witness statement alleging that I eat a chocolate on 4th dec of which I deny. I was called in on 2nd jan & interviewed by loss adjuster; I gave a witness name who could verify my innocence & denied allegation. Called in again on 7th Jan & asked same questions, was told now an internal investigation, witness name still not interviewed.
Since handed in a grievance against my GM for bullying & harrassment at work which I can substantiate via email, collegues. The investigation was on his instruction & I feel since his arrival in Oct 2007 I was singled out for attention. I feel there has been a breach of trust. I work as a shift manager & it will be difficult to face up to managing people with this stigma attached to my character. I have worked for the company for 15 months & prior to his arrival was held in high regard. salary is 30k what should I accept or should I resign I can not work for this GM,he has been so calculated in his approach to get me out!
tim elson