I am currently in my final year of an honours degree course at University. Within my letter of offer the following terms are “Dependant on opbtaining a place to study part-time for an appropriate degree course, the compeny will arrange payment of the fees. If you leave of your own accord during the course or up to one year after graduation, 100% reimbursement of the fees will be required. If you leave after one year but before the completion of two, 50% of the fees will be required to be repaid”

My current situation is i am going through a divorce with my wife whose father works at my firm and is in relatively close proximity to me so i feel the need to move on. My employer is attempting to holding me to full reimbursement of the fees c7k.

My queries really are:-

Are they entitled to recoup all the monies

I am in my Honours year and wonder whether this is exempt from the reimbursement as it was for ‘degree course’

I know the CITB has paid for some of my training should this be taken in to account when calculating what the cost actually is – ie should this be deducted from the 7k

They are willing to do a repayment plan – what duration would be deemed as acceptable

Is there anyway that i can get out of the fees – i have given the company my all over the last 5 years and feel that they are not willing to play ball even though they know my current personal situation

Hope someone out there can help!!

Oh and finally i have been offered two jobs which pay considerably more money one is an increase of 30%, does this make any difference.


Dave Smith