This manager is a definitely a poor performer, his department has the highest turnover of staff and sickness and absenteeism within the team is way above the company average. His own attendance record is the worse of all the management team. When I go into the department I feel desperately sorry for the team, there heads are down and they are obviously not enjoying or motivated in the job.

My predecessor did go down the job spec, objective setting route but this resulted in this manager taking out a harassment and bullying grievance out against him. (This middle manager was my manager for over four years and he was the best manager I had ever worked for) Even though the previous manager had clear evidence of poor performance the grievance was upheld (advised by the HR department) on the grounds of aggressive style.

As a result, this department was taken off him and I was appointed and given the responsibility.

This manager has a chequered history and is know for pulling the stress card out if he is put under any pressure to perform. In the past five years he has had three long periods of sick due to stress.

Although your comments so far have been interesting they have not given me much encouragement or motivation, in fact I am even more discouraged then when I first contacted you experts.

I need to ask this question – have any of you had any personal experience of dealing with a poor performing manager like this?

Ann Burley

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