I have been at my current job for 15 months, and 3 months ago received a promotion. This was offered and accepted orally, with the only change to my contract being job title and salary.

Today, 3 months after commencing my new job, I received a written confirmation of my promotion (from a manager who had ‘misplaced it’) – dated March 2008, which I was to sign and return to HR. It amended my job title, salary, and notice period.
I had not been made aware of any change in notice period at the time I accepted the job (my line manager agrees & wasn’t informed either).
Now I have been told I must accept the new notice period (much longer and excessive for my relatively low-level position), or revert back to my old role before promotion – I assume this means a salary decrease as well.

Do I have any rights here? They have obviously made a mistake in not providing this written confirmation earlier, and in not including this term in the first offer. But can I contest this new term now that I have been paid for 3 months on the different terms I had agreed? Or can they offer this new term and threaten my current job if I don’t accept?

Many thanks in advance.

Victoria Wallis

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