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AS Exams to be cut after ‘shambles’ earlier this year


Ministers are to ‘cut significantly’ the number of exams that sixth form pupils take in their first year of sixth form studies. The move comes as the initial inquiry results come out from David Hargreaves of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Estelle MorrisEstelle Morris, Minister for Education and Skills, asked Hargreaves to investigate the number of examinations being taken by sixth form students as one of her first jobs after she was appointed following the election.

Schools and sixth form colleges said that the extra workload for students was ‘destroying’ extra-curricular activities, and Ms Morris said that she had been bombarded with complaints on the issue from schools, students and parents.

The review, which is expected to be released on Wednesday, is an interim report to allow immediate alterations in the management and assessment for the AS level qualifications for the coming new academic year in September. Longer term issues are expected to be addressed by the final report which is expected by December of this year.

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