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Elephants don't forget


On 'Independence Day' (July 4th 2011) I chose to put my money where my mouth is and leave Corporate life and 'do it for myself!'

Along with the ex Eon FD, Dan Gray, we formed Green Giraffe as a vehicle that would allow us to pursue our passion for doing great business. Since then we haven't looked back. We even found the time to write and publish our first 'business self-help' book. The Elephant in the Boardroom.

Employees forget as much as 80% of what they are trained within the first 30 days! The consequences of which costs business up & down the UK, hundreds of millions of pounds every year. What was needed was a low cost tool that continually assessed actual employee knowledge levels, identified knowledge gaps and automatically retrained what had been forgotten thereby ensuring employees had the knowledge they need to excel in their role.

Nothing like this existed, so on March 4, 2013, after 18 months of R&D and testing, we created and launched Elephants don't forget. The star of the business is our intelligent employee knowledge retention App we call 'Nelly'. You can Link in with her and our business and watch as more and more companies embrace Nelly and optimise the effectiveness of their L&D spend.

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