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CAOS Conflict Management


Alan Sharland is author of How to Resolve Bullying in the Workplace: Stepping Out of the Circle of Blame to Create an Effective Outcome for All. He is Director of CAOS Conflict Management  and has been a Mediator, Conflict Coach and trainer in Conflict Management Skills and processes for over 25 years. He also has a YouTube channel that promotes mindful communication, growth through conflict particularly in relation to the resolution of bullying allegations at work.

He runs workshops to help organisations explore the implementation of a No-blame Culture and he welcomes participation from HR staff and others who are seeking to do the same. He provides bespoke training for organisations in responding to difficult workplace relationships more effectively and also ‘off the shelf’ training in:

Mediation Skills

Conflict Coaching Skills  

Supporting Peer-to-Peer Resolution of Workplace Conflict

Tel. 020 3371 7507