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Appraisly is a data driven end-to-end employee performance management system. We are completely different to the current offerings because we are in the business of datafication; that is turning an existing business or industry into a ‘data business’.  

Think about it this way: Facebook has “datafied” our friend network. Google  has “datafied” our search and information retrieval.  LinkedIn has “datafied” our professional connections. Twitter is “datafying” news and real time information.

Appraisly is “datafying” employee performance management.

Think of Appraisly as the Google Analytics of HR; and we are starting with performance management.

Appraisly is resolving all the problems with existing employee performance management process (i.e. appraisals) within a company. Specifically, it reduces time spend on the process while it enhances the significance of the process via an innovative solution that combines data and business strategy.

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