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Cafe Style Speed Training

Co - Founder

Café Style is bite-size chunks of experiential learning activities that can be facilitated by anyone, any time and any where!

Cafe Style Speed Training: Our purpose
‘To design and deliver innovative experiential development programmes and activities that support the transformation of workforce’s at the speed of change.’


At Cafe Style Speed Training we know that to be successful in the new economy people must have the critical social skills, and a heightened level of self-awareness. These attributes will transform attitudes and change behaviour in line with current and future workplace needs.
With this understanding we have worked tirelessly to create a unique method of experiential development that is designed to achieve rapid and sustainable engagement and change. You can be sure the simplicity of Cafe Style’s unique method of development is built around the latest scientific research, as well as being designed to meet challenging and erratic needs of the new economy; keeping you ahead of the game with the most practical people transformation tool-kit on the market.”

Specialties: Speed Training, Interpersonal Training, Soft Skills Training, Communication Skills Training, Leadership Skills Training

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