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Managing Director

A seasoned business and sales leader who joined Forum in 2008, Cynthia Stuckey provides strategic and operational leadership for all aspects of Forum’s Asia Pacific business.

She brings considerable expertise in the areas of international business, corporate transformations, strategy development, and execution of performance enhancement strategies to meet the changing demands of a variety of commercial markets and customers. She also brings more than 20 years’ experience in launching and leading sales effectiveness initiatives, developing and executing brand-driven customer experiences, and leading corporate transformations. 

Previously, as vice president of Global Account Sales and Sales Force Development for MasterCard, Cynthia led a global transformation of its sales organisation to drive a new customer-centric strategy—a transformation that incrementally grew the organisation at twice the market rate. 

Cynthia also managed and expanded MasterCard’s Asian and European markets, taking responsibility for driving change in the company’s global sales force by developing management and sales management discipline and capacity.  She additionally worked with a Fortune 500 regional financial and health-care company, as well as with a leading niche strategic-management consulting firm. 

As a practitioner, consultant, and senior leader, Cynthia has helped to transform a wide range of large and medium-sized not-for-profit organisations, as well as organisations in such industry sectors as manufacturing, health care, and professional services.  She has worked with such companies as Pitney Bowes, 3M, HSBC, IBM, Aetna International, Xerox, TNT, Dell Computers, Air Products, Coca-Cola, Monsanto, Shell, Honeywell, and SC Johnson. Earlier in her career, Cynthia served as a product director for a large regional health-care organisation, driving line extensions, acquisition and merger strategies, and market-share growth.  In addition, she worked as an internal strategy development and execution consultant, acquiring significant frontline experience in pharmaceutical sales and field sales.

Cynthia earned an M.B.A. from Cardinal Stritch after starting coursework at Marquette, an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, as well as numerous certifications (such as Lean Six Sigma) that she leverages to serve clients.  She also has completed advanced course work in organisational change and international business.