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D A Evans Ltd.

Founder and Managing Director

Specialist in resolving people & relationship issues in business.

 I work with clients to improve their performance by helping them:

·       resolve business issues which have a significant people or relationship element

·       achieve change in the workplace, e.g. transforming the culture or changing the performance management approach

·       resolve conflict

·       design and implement effective transformation and outsourcing programmes

Following my Managing Director role in Accenture I now apply my judgement, experience, and business problem solving and mediation skills to help management identify and resolve the impediments to success at the earliest possible stage – resolving pain points and increasing the gain – focusing on both an organisation’s internal issues and on commercial relationship issues between companies.  I am an experienced Global Executive, Mediator, Magistrate, Diversity Lead, and Advisory Board Member.

Team and Individual services include Employment Investigation, Workplace Mediation, and Team & Exec Coaching.

Successful Transformation and Outsourcing services include Risk & Opportunity review of existing programmes, Transformation Consulting, and Operational Relationship Management.

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