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Wealth Wizards/ MyEva

Sales Director

I have been working in Employee Benefits and Reward for over a decade, from voluntary benefits to employee and financial wellbeing. A wealth of experience in bringing new product to market, and driving engagement with more familiar ones, it is all about ensuring employees know about their benefits and actually use them.

Having spent my ‘youth’ as a Financial Advisor, I know first hand how important it is to get the right advice, but also how complex and often ‘alien’ finances can be. However MyEva is changing that. A unique approach to financial engagement using tools, digestable content, chats and our team of independant experts, is helping to make financial guidance and advice accessible and easier to understand. A focus on the positive outcomes, not just the ‘how’ is key – goal led not product led. 

Wellbeing by day and Cocktail Masterclass ‘Host’ by night, it is always about people. I haven’t written a book – I waffle too much for that. Maybe one day.