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We know people. We know HR. We look forward to knowing your business.

It all started in 1999 when People Resolutions (PRL) was fast establishing itself as the go-to provider forworkplace mediations and investigations. Over the years, we’ve resolved thousands of employee disputes quickly and effectively through technical expertise and first class service delivery, gaining many lifelong clients that we still support today.

Over time, it also became clear that as long as the responsibility of dealing with conflict typically lay primarily with HR, the function was paralysed from doing anything other than fire-fight – day in, day out, with little time to look at the broader HR picture.  Knowing this, we set about developing a new and improved range of services to help our HR clients not just resolve, but prevent conflict.  This has led to our 280-course training selection, from our conflict prevention suite to management and HR development.

But we wanted to go further still.  So we worked with our industry experts to design a range of Workplace Assessments and HR Consultancy services plus risk and cost-based business cases for addressing them.  These tools have enabled our HR colleagues to take managing conflict to a strategic level.

Moving into 2012, we retain our mission to help organisations move away from a conflict-potential environment towards a culture of collaboration.  It’s at this point where we work with you to create a holistic view of your people strategy and inform an HR service (not function) agenda closely aligned to your business.

Over a decade later, the People Resolutions of today still delivers unrivalled resolution services, but we are also now regarded as an industry leader across the spectrum of strategic and operational HR consulting.  As our own company vision has grown, our team has to; including business, HR and psychology professionals, all with a real passion for helping HR teams in all kinds of businesses achieve their goals. Since the beginning our values have also remained constant, never shifting beyond excellent service delivery at the heart of everything we do. We’re responsive and nimble, always looking to exceed expectations. 

But don’t take our word for it, or even our customer’s word for it – why not give us a call about your latest project and find out for yourself!

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