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Jess Baker Consulting


Jess Baker (CPsychol AFBPsS) is a Chartered Business Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and Women’s Leadership Coach. 

She recently co-authored a book with Rod Vincent called: The Super-Helper Syndrome: A Survival Guide for Compassionate People (Flint Books, available in hardback £18.99 and ebook)  

Jess works in leadership and wellbeing with organisations and individuals. She has particular interests in helping people to overcome self-doubt and build confidence. She loves talking about her old friends, the taming the Inner Critic, tackling the Imposter Syndrome, and how to stop self-sabotaging behaviours.

Jess is an experienced leader, a passionate coach, and an engaging facilitator. She shares her expertise in women’s health and business magazines (HR Zone, Boots Health & Beauty, Very, Women’s Health, Natwest Women, Take a Break ), and is regularly interviewed on BBC Radio and TV. She also enjoys speaking at online global summits, and at live wellbeing and corporate events. 

Jess has extensive experience as a business consultant and senior HR manager, delivering leadership development and global cultural change programmes. Her clients include AON Consulting, Barclays Plc, CoOp, Public Health Wales, Wylie, University College London, Tensar. 

In her spare time, Jess runs a live 5-day online challenge, Tame Your Inner Critic, (it’s had ovre 1,000 particpants and gets rave reveiws). She is also a Trustee of BelEve UK, a charity that delivers leadership programmes for girls in schools and communities.