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YSM Solutions

Trainer, Health and Wellbeing Specialist

Jessica Smyrl is the founder of YSM Solutions, workplace training and health and wellbeing. Based in Glasgow and covering the whole of Scotland and with links to other parts of the UK. 

YSM Solutions initially provided specialist stress management services especially around stress risk assessment. Health coaching, early intervention absence management, case management, health checks and 90 minute talks are some of the services. 

Jessica is a Royal College of Nursing Associate Consultant and Trainer and is carrying out Bullying training in Scotland. If you would like to find out more about Bullying training and Dignity at Work, please get in touch via the website. The training has been well received and is useful for all employees in organisations. 

The wellbeing services have been very popular especially Health Fairs, programmes aimed at specific themes and tailored for each organisation.

Prior to starting her business, Jessica worked as a senior manager in the NHS.

YSM provides training onsite at various different companies from small to multinationals. More information at the website below.

Thanks for reading this and please get in touch if you would like to find out more via the website

For stress and stress related training and consultancy, please get in touch or more information at

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