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Divisional Managing Director

John Sylvester has been largely responsible for the development and growth of the motivation & incentive discipline with P&MM.

Having worked in the motivation agency business since completing a business degree in 1984, John joined P&MM in 1989 and the main board in 1996.

John is responsible for the company’s premier key accounts and the motivation / IT operations area of the business.  John has a great depth of experience in developing, implementing and directing many large scale motivation, recognition and communications programmes, and is a recognised industry authority in the field of motivation, making regular contribution to industry press comment and speaking at leading industry conferences and seminars.

Speaking engagements include: –

  • Promotional Marketing Exhibition 2007
  • New Payment Channels conference Feb 2007 – How pre-paid cards are changing the industry
  • Total Motivation 2006
  • National Incentive show 2006
  • Promotional Marketing Show 2006 – “Motivation and Incentive schemes – effective methods of producing ROI”
  • Call Centre Association 2005 – “How incentive techniques positively affect staff attrition”
  • Incentive World 2004 – “Nuts and Bolts of Motivation”
  • Call Centre Expo – “Choosing the right incentive rewards”
  • Employee Benefits Show 2005 – “Employee Recognition – case study”
  • Employee Benefits Show 2004 – “Benefits that make work a fun place”
  • The Total Motivation Show 2005 – “Motivation – what’s it all about?”
  • John was also chair of the seminar committee for Incentive World 2003.

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