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iOpener Institute for People and Performance

Managing Director

I have 25 years experience running and supporting businesses. 

I trained as an accountant and cut my teeth in the hospitality sector where I came to understand all that makes a business profitable (or not!)

With 15 years experience in the financial services industry, I led teams in financial management and control, operations, and change management. I know that a combination of a strong people and commercial focus delivers results.

The results and feedback I get both as a consultant and coach comes from my talent for developing practical and relevant approaches and solutions. 

Through this, I have enabled organizations to deliver their strategy and goals efficiently and effectively. And my professional training as an accountant means I have a strong commercial approach to everything I do.

As Managing Director and part owner of iOpener Ltd and iOpener Institute for People and Performance, I help our clients to raise productivity. We do this by putting our groundbreaking and unique research – the Science of Happiness – to work.

Specialties: Science of Happiness at Work, executive coaching, leadership development

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