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Karen Felton – Transforming Leadership Careers

I spent my corporate career in HR in the Insurance sector. I loved leading my L&D team to perform at their best by using their strengths; and I loved coaching leaders to develop their leadership capability and to achieve their career goals.

Through my work, I came to understand and appreciate the impact leaders have on the engagement, wellbeing and performance of their people. I saw in action, the impact of person-centred leadership – how it improved morale, motivation, loyalty and strengthened the psychological contract.

I also saw how, when leaders are in the right role and workplace for them, where they can use their own strengths and their work is aligned with their values, their own career and capability flourished.

When leaders are able to be their best selves, it creates a ripple effect for their teams and for the organisation.

When I left my corporate career in 2017 I went travelling overseas and took some time to reflect on what I wanted to do next. Exploring my own strengths, values and what matters to me, I realised that enabling people to be their best selves in their career would enable me to use my strengths and contribute to that ripple effect.

So I’m now a leadership career mentor, specialising in enabling leaders to understand their own strengths, values and what matters to them so they can thrive in their career and create a powerful ripple effect for their people and organisations.

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