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RapidBI - Diagnostic OD tools for change


Mike Morrison has over 25 years experience in HR/OD and a prove track record of providing pragmatic HR, HRD, and OD based business solutions. During the last 15 years Mike has been designing and delivering training programmes for clients, as a consultant, interim and employee providing third party services.

Mike has 2 books on organisational development published, and is author of several CIPD factsheets including:

Before founding RapidBI he worked as a Management Development Adviser with Business Link for London and prior to that as a Training Manager for a large private hospital where he developed training for a wide range of staff, managers and coaches.

Mike has led international training and change management programmes working in diverse countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, the USA and Europe

Mike has been instrumental in developing a comprehensive Business Improvement Review process for use by consultants and business advisers who need to identify organizational development priorities in their client organizations.


In addition Mike has developed a unique ‘Train the Trainer‘ programme based on some modeling work with one of the UK’s leading motivational presenters.

He has also designed & delivered extensive senior and supervisory skills development programmes for several large companies and not-for-profits.

As a coach he has worked with a number of TV personalities, sports performers and senior managers in a wide range of organizations; both private and not-for-profit.