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Sancroft, international sustainability consultancy


Pendragon is an expert in co-creating ambitious strategies that improve both corporate performance and sustainability impacts. This comes from his experience in future-focused strategy and execution – identifying the short to long term challenges and opportunities businesses face, and more importantly, how to use this to rapidly improve the organisation today.

He joined Sancroft after over eight years with Kantar Consulting (formerly The Futures Company) where he worked with major global blue chip companies, including many of the world’s largest FMCG players. Pendragon helped set overall corporate strategies for firms with billions of pounds in turnover and craft global innovation streams for food & drink companies – where healthier, more sustainable products and processes were a consistent source of differentiation and futureproofing.

He also worked to reshape specific sustainability strategies in the context of the wider business needs and expectations – helping refresh the industry-leading strategy for a major global firm. He also advised companies and brands on how to use their sustainability activities to better engage and communicate with core consumer and stakeholder audiences – from climate change communication in the US to making sustainability a springboard for growth for retailers in Africa and Asia.

Prior to this, Pendragon worked at Ipsos where he established fundamentals of research and audience understanding, focused on the European healthcare market.