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Raman is a transformation management consultant and hi-tech learning specialist. Experienced Technical Training Manager, Instructional designer, Instructional Design Manager and Trainer, he brings a range of next-generation corporate learning strategies and instructional models in practice. He is one among handful of global experts in the area of Proficiency Based Training (ProBT) and Systems Engineering Approach to Training (SEAT). In total he has over 19 years of concurrent experience in hi-tech product development and product technical training at leading multi-national corporations.

He is passionate about developing people’s personal and professional effectiveness to next level without having to change their personality. His strong believe in unlimited human potential lead him to conduct research for many years for developing a unique self-discovery, leadership and performance improvement model called “Personal Resonance System”. This system is built on best-in-class scientific and systems engineering methods, learning best practices, training methodologies and human psychology to help people discover their best potential in personal and professional world.

His advisory services equip organizations to increase personal effectiveness, develop self-leadership, achieve peak professional performance and reduce time-to-proficiency of their employees. He serves as advisor and consultant to noted international training organizations including International Air Transport Association Switzerland, Higher Education and Training Award Council Ireland, International Society for Performance Improvement USA, University of South Wales Consulting to name a few. He is advisor and mentor to few prestigious universities. He is also reviewer and editorial member for leading journals and publishing houses. \

Holding credentials like Certified Project Director, Certified Quality Director, Certified Management Consultant, Certified Engineering Manager and Certified International Project Manager, he specialized in systems engineering techniques, product development and six-sigma project management for development of complex electronic equipments.

Raman is highly passionate about learning and believes in life-long learning. He holds Professional Doctorate in Corporate Training, MBA in Operations Management and Executive MBA in Customer Relationship Management. He is pursuing another Doctorate in Organizational Learning. Previously, he earned his Masters of Technology degree in Applied Electronics and Bachelors of Technology degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. He also holds over 60 educational credentials including numerous PG Diploma, international certifications and certificates in various domains of management and training.

He likes to write poems, draw face portraits with colored pencils and loves to read personal effectiveness books and write self-help article.

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