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Learning & Development Consultant

What I Do | Meaningful learning, lasting change

I’m a senior HR consultant with international experience in working with Teams Leads and Senior Management in Learning & Development and Change Management projects. I’ve delivered projects both remotely and on-site in several countries and industries.

What Defines Me

I’m proud to have a track record of being requested by previous clients to help them in additional projects. People usually say that I’m a person with very positive energy, focused and always available to lend a helping hand, that my ability to track a project and to listen to their needs makes me the go-to person if something needs to be done or to discuss an idea, suggestion or opinion.

My Key Skills and Expertise

– Full spectrum of Training Management
– eLearning development and Instructional Design
– Organizational Development and Change Management
– Internal communication
– Recruitment and onboarding
– Project and team management
– Support of Team Leads, KPI analysis and reporting, stakeholders buy-in