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Rightway Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Wellness Manager

Currently undertaking my MSc in Work and Wellbeing at the University of Plymouth.

With a background in personal training (fitness) I entered the corporate market with the intention of providing a fitness element to wellness programmes. I soon realised that individual fitness/health is not the biggest factor in corporate wellness at all. I undertook an 18 month research journey examining the most effective elements of wellness policies both here and in the US and speaking to those responsible for putting them together.

Armed with this information, we developed and refined an approach to wellness that blends the best of the various models around (CIPD, WELCOA, IWL, ACAS etc) to deliver outstanding results on wellness schemes.

Rightway still delivers the original, and popular, interventions such as on-site massage, health/fitness education and wellness days. My real mission now though is to make wellness a part of everything my clients do (often at little or no cost) – my motto is, "Do it WELL!"


 Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or visit the website on