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McConnon International Ltd

Author, Speaker, Creator of 'An Even Better Place to Work'

Shay McConnon is a psychologist, an author of 18 books and the CEO of McConnon International which specialises in creating solutions that engage staff, promote ownership and create collaborative working relationships.

He is the creator of An Even Better Place to Work ( an on-line, self-managed solution that prevents people problems and encourages the “What am I going to do” mind-set.

This tool is being used by Siemens, Emirates, NHS, Environment Agency and other leading organisations with French, German, Dutch and Arabic translations.

Because of his ground breaking work on Engagement, he has been asked to join the employee engagement guru group in the UK.

Shay is a regular speaker at conferences, a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, awarded top speaker by the Academy of Chief Executives and best new speaker by Vistage (the world’s largest organisation for chief executives).