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Pearn Kandola

Partner and Head of Development

Stuart Duff is a Business Psychologist and Partner with Pearn Kandola. His primary focus is on helping people to take on new business challenges through widening selfunderstanding and focusing on clear goals.

Stuart has spent over twenty years advising organisations on performance and leadership development, and in the process has become extremely familiar with the nature of the challenges that senior managers and executives encounter.

His work with top teams and high potential employees from many of the FTSE 500 companies has also given him a highly commercial and grounded view of what it takes to be a successful leader in different business environments. Consequently Stuart can bring a very practical and pragmatic approach to coaching others, while, as a chartered psychologist, he brings a genuine edge to understanding and enhancing performance at work, drawing on a range of coaching tools and techniques such as personality profiling, motivational interviewing and leadership modelling.

Stuart has worked with managers and executives on areas such as leadership development, maintaining resilience, developing confidence and personal impact, developing strategic vision and building effective relationships.